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Visconti’s history began in Florence, Italy. A cradle of art and culture, Florence also known for being home to one of the Country’s largest industrial districts for luxury and fashion.The  company is the brainchild of Luigi Poli and Dante del Vecchio, two friends who met in Florence and decided to turn a common passion into business by founding Visconti on October 20, 1988.

On that date, luxury writing instruments began to make their way in a city that was strongly linked to jewellery, leather goods and any other form of art. Over time, Visconti products became iconic pieces that helped to spread Italian values worldwide: design and creativity, craftsmanship and innovation, quality and luxury.

Visconti was and still is synonymous with elegant products, the result of advanced technology research combined with heritage and traditional craftmanship, sometimes partnering with leading companies in the respective industries such as Pininfarina, Girard-Perregaux, Ulysse Nardin, Pelikan and Stefano Ricci, among others. During the company’s history, international owners took over the business and acquired all shares, investing heavily to ensure continued development and improvement in the production of unique writing instruments and luxury watches with a Florentine soul.

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In more than 30 years of history, Visconti achieved a string of successes and proud accomplishments, big or small. These were made possible by the commitment of our craftsmen, driven by a deep passion for writing instruments and dedication to learning and improving ancient manufacturing techniques while keeping up with modern ones.

Through their work, Visconti pens became – and still are – unique items and a genuine expression of Italian quality.

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