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Visconti “Voyager 30 Collection Green Black”(Limited Edition)

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VOYAGER 30 COLLECTION (Limited Edition)

The Voyager 30 collection is made in ebonite, the first-ever material used for the creation of fountain pens. It celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Visconti brand.
Imagine setting foot in a retro styled living room. On the elegant writing desk, a suitcase lies open to reveal a Voyager 30.
This writing instrument celebrates two types of journeys. One physical in nature, the other, metaphysical and aimed at the discovery of the world of thoughts.

Ebonite is the first material ever used for the creation of fountain pens.
Even though very few companies are still able to produce ebonite pens, we are still very much linked to this age-old tradition that has allowed us to fashion writing instruments of a rare and timeless elegance.
We have transformed this classic material into unique and precious objects.
The Voyager 30 fountain pen comes in 3 colours with different metal finishes: orange black with vermeil, red black with palladium, green black with yellow gold 18kt.

The cylindrical shape of the pen’s body and cap exalt the ebonite’s patterns.
The Voyager 30 fountain pen is accompanied by a refined matching travelling ink pot. Bring your writing instrument on every adventure without worrying about running out of ink!

The metal finishes for the Voyager 30 fountain pen are in gold plated silver Ag925 for the orange-black ebonite, palladium plated silver Ag925 for the red-black ebonite, and gold 18kt for the green-black ebonite.
The green-black version has an engraved gold band on the cap.

Visconti_Voyager 30yrs_Orange Black_Fountain Pen
Visconti_Voyager 30yrs_Package
Visconti_Voyager 30yrs_Travelling Inkpot
Visconti_Voyager 30yrs_Travelling Inkpot
Visconti_Voyager 30 Collection
Visconti_Voyager 30 Collection
Visconti_Voyager 30 Collection
Visconti_Voyager 30 Collection

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