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R. as Research, R. as Ramazzini.

The new FEEL Erre is an exclusive fountain pen dedicated to independent scientific research and to that intuition that was born 60 years ago in the mind of Cesare Maltoni, one of the most brilliant scientists of this century, who saved the lives of millions of people by demonstrating the harmfulness of many chemical compounds, which were later banned.

The vision of this pioneer of scientific research is still felt today within the walls of the Bentivoglio castle, in Bologna, home of the Research Center of the Ramazzini Institute which is dedicated to him. It has become one of the most leading research centers in the world.

In addition, a notable feature of the Ramazzini Institute is its collaboration of the Collegium Ramazzini, an international academy of over 180 members from 32 countries that includes scientists, professors and experts in the field of occupational diseases and environmental medicine.

Research, cancer prevention and scientific dissemination are the 3 pillars which sustain the big family of the Ramazzini Institute. Its sole goal has been and still is to advance medical studies to protect public health since its foundation in 1987.

There are only 87 pieces of the new FEEL Erre and for each model sold, we will donate 10% of the net revenues to the activities that finance the Ramazzini Institute’s research.

FEEL Erre is made of a special mélange resin with shades of purple, burgundy and light-blue and it is available with all SCRIBO nibs and with platinum trim.

Feel the writing. FEEL.

For more information about the activities carried out by the Ramazzini Insititute:


Scribo Feel Erre Fountain Pen
Scribo Feel Erre Fountain Pen


Scribo Feel Erre Fountain Pen


Scribo Feel Erre Fountain Pen


Scribo Feel Erre Fountain Pen
Scribo Feel Erre Fountain Pen

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