Tribute to Arman “Night & Day”


Tribute to Arman “Night & Day”

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Tribute to Arman “Night & Day”

Arman is thought of as a painter-sculptor. He himself was to define himself perfectly as “un peintre qui fait de la sculpture”. His work, strongly influenced by Dadaism and by Pop Art and now to be found in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum, of the Tate Gallery and of the Centre Pompidou, stretches from paintings to monumental public sculptures and to his famous accumulations of objects of everyday use and to their irreverent desecration and destruction. “I specialise in everything and I have never been an amateur” is a phrase that captures the full breadth of Arman’s art and of his boundless creativity. The fountain pens inspired by Arman’s art are the product of a search for new forms of expression in an effort to innovate writing with an objet d’art tracing the history of writing in parallel with modern art and with the French artist’s creativity. Like Arman’s objects, so our fountain pens tell the story of man through the creation of everyday items, using the concepts of multiple slashes and of accumulations constantly intersecting in the three models.

Night & Day has two continuing openings so that the pen appears exaggeratedly cut and its entire mechanism is visible and practically speaking in contact with the user’s hand, in a truly “Arman’s” vision of curiosity for the “being” of objects, in this case the pen


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Fountain Pen, Rollerball, Ballpoint, Mechnical Pencil


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