La Grande Bellezza Forged Carbon


La Grande Bellezza Forged Carbon

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La Grande Bellezza Forged Carbon

Pineider presents the first pen ever made in Forged Carbon, a material used in top-of-the-line automobiles including Formula 1 cars, watches and golf clubs. In contrast to woven carbon fiber, forged carbon uses randomly-arranged fibers mixed with resin, formed together in a heated press at a high pressure.

Carbon Dream, a company established in 1993, is a leader in Italy and worldwide in the manufacture of details derived from composite materials. Its clientele represents the peak of luxury and technology, ranging from Ferrari Formula 1 and Bugatti to Ducati and yacht manufacturer Perini Navi.
Assisted by the 10 engineers and technicians working with Carbon Dream, Pineider has produced the mold and perfected the technology required to adapt Forged Carbon for writing implements.

The resulting Forged Carbon compound is extremely strong and every end product is unique. The Grande Bellezza Forged Carbon limited edition fountain pen uses the Pinieder Mystery Filler technology: the plunger mechanism allows the user to conceal the activation case back inside the barrel after filling the pen.The cap features Pineider’s exclusive Twist Mechanic Lock, a new pen closure system that combines the pleasure of the screw cap with the security of a magnetic closure. The signature Pineider clip features a Goose Quill. Presented in a unique Pineider box, the incredible Forged Carbon is limited to 888 numbered pieces of each mode.

The Pineider La Grande Belleza fountain pen has the unique Hyperflex nib in 14K gold: its a breakthrough design that gives the quill-cut nib a superb flex and smooth flow for expressive writing.

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