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Otto Hutt Design 02 “Gold Silver”

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Otto Hutt Design 02

Transformation. Noticeably sensual.

The design 02 series combines elegant design elements with perfectly crafted art. The unique quality and exclusive design are visible at first glance and can be felt at the first touch. The ballpoint pen and rollerball are just as comfortable to hold as the fountain pen and mechanical pencil. Noble materials such as solid sterling silver and high-quality platinum give the writing instruments in design 02 their exquisite quality. Reduced to the essentials, they still impress with their obvious aesthetics. The smooth surface is very classic for lovers of subtle, restrained design. For more unusual requests, the precise guilloché pattern in different designs meets the taste of even the most demanding customers. Clear stripes, sensual honeycomb patterns and expressive, square grid leave nothing to be desired.

Design 02 combines classic design language with traditional craftsmanship art. Flawless quality that you can feel. Unmistakable in their execution. Polished, engine-turned, hand-worked sterling silver. An epoch-making expression of sensual charm. Inspired by organic-minimalist aesthetics, transformed into an incomparable writing instrument.
The silver fountain pen of Design 02 is certainly one of the highlights from the Design 02 collection. The wonderful piece is particularly easy to grip, because the contact with the silver lets you feel the quality of the material. The fittings are coated with high quality platinum, which gives the writing instrument a very hard and robust surface. The writing implements of Design 02 are polished in the in-house department with a careful and fine method that comes from jewelry processing. The nib is made of high-quality steel – but this does not make it heavy in its writing properties: the fountain pen dances unrestrained and light as a feather over the paper.
Lovers of Otto Hutt writing implements appreciate individuality and uniqueness – because that’s exactly why they buy them: Each Otto Hutt brand product is unique, provided with a six-digit code that is engraved on the cap. An Otto Hutt writing instrument belongs to its owner, anytime, anywhere, unmistakably and – for a lifetime.
– with the special Otto Hutt steel nib with Otto Hutt logo, which identifies the writing instrument as an original,
– in line widths EF, F, M and B with a suitable converter for the use of individual ink for the fountain pen
– Solid silver body with large refill M, blue for the rollerball.
– with 0.7-millimeter leads and an eraser under the cap for the mechanical pencil
– with large refill M, blue for the ballpoint
– including silver cleaning cloth, instructions for use and certificate

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Fountain Pen, Rollerball, Ballpoint, Mechnical Pencil


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