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Montegrappa “Zero Zodiac Aquarius LE”

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Zero Zodiac Aquarius LE

Zero Zodiac…The Stars Align!
The stars have aligned for a series of astrological reprises on the versatile ZERO. Issued in open and limited editions, each offers a unique constellation of symbolism and style. Strands of coloured resin representing the traits of each zodiacal sign are artisanally blended into vibrant Montegrappite textures. Contemporary, solid-metal badging expresses cosmic identity, protected beneath sapphire crystal. Find your perfect match.
The elegant simplicity of ZERO provides an ideal canvas for astrological exploration. Sinuous resin textures are framed by bold steel hardware punctuated with sapphire crystal: a window onto zodiac symbols cast from solid metal.

A limited batch of fountain pens caters to star writers with a 14K gold nib: custom-engraved to emphasise celestial performance. The degrees of longitude in the night sky are referenced in an edition comprising 360 pieces.
Boutique blending of coloured resin results in complex Montegrappite textures only nature can design. Cosmic balance plays a part in their creation: artisanal production leads to reduced waste and new recycled blends.


Montegrappa Zero Zodiac
Montegrappa Zero Zodiac


Montegrappa Zero Zodiac
Montegrappa Zero Zodiac
Montegrappa Zero Zodiac Packaging
Montegrappa Zero Zodiac Packaging

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