Fortuna “Palladium pl Black”



Fortuna “Palladium pl Black”

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Prepare to get lucky

Many wise minds have pointed out that luck is no random event. Emily Dickinson wrote, “Fortune’s expensive smile is earned”, yet Mark Twain called accident “the greatest of all inventors”. We remain convinced that creativity requires alchemy. The Roman philosopher Seneca said, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” For preparation, thousands of discerning writers recommend Fortuna.


The sum of its parts

Muses as diverse and unique as the fragments of a mosaic lie behind a selection of textures lending new presence to our most personable pen. Wonders of architecture, art and nature supply the colour palettes for a series of speckled finishes that dance in the light to enliven any surrounding. A warm reception upon launch promises to make the Fortuna Mosaíco a classic for many years to come.


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