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Leonardo Momento Zero Grande Pura “Blue Acqua” GT

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Momento Zero Grande “Blue Acqua” Gold Trim

And the story goes on… A family tradition. Leonardo Officina Italiana is a forge, a laboratory where experience and craftsmanship are mixed giving life to “pleasure”, the pleasure of writing.

Over 45 years of experience in the field of writing instruments, handed down from father to son, from generation to generation. Today Leonardo Officina Italiana works on emotional and vintage projects, taking up the old loading systems, the materials and the working techniques that once characterized the craft of the craftsman. The Leonardo pens have a soul, a human warmth that only passion can give. The fountain pen carved into the material is certainly this detail that differentiates us on the world market. Each Leonardo collection is hand made in Italy.

3 captivating transparent resins with a satin finish enhance the internal soul of the “Pura” fountain pen, composed with more than 20 manually worked details
“Pura” like every detail carved from solid, in a succession of manual procedures that make this writing instrument pleasant to the touch and exciting to the eye.
“Pura” collection has a soul, it is alive, it gives off human warmth and a pleasure to use.

The Pura has a huge piston filling capacity to enjoy of 1.5ml and is equipped with a black ebonite feed. Since these parts are produced by Leonardo in their workshops and the fountain pen is entirely handcrafted, one could find micro turning marks inside the pen body as well as in the cap.
Each Pura offers one the choice  of GT/gold, ST/silver or RT/ruthenium trim colors and is available in EF, F, M, B, in both steel and gold. The flexible Elastic nib (F) is also available in gold only.
Each MZ Grande fountain pen includes a 40ml ink bottle and is guaranteed for life against any production defects.

Anthracite gray, aqua blue and flame orange are the colors chosen and associated with the metal parts:
• Palladium
• Yellow gold
• Ruthenium




Leonardo Momento Zero Grande Pura Collection
Leonardo Momento Zero Grande Pura Collection

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