Classic Anello “Ivory”


Graf von Faber-Castell

Classic Anello “Ivory”

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Classic Anello

Fine, platinum-plated rings adorn the barrels of the Classic Anello series giving its name: “Anello” is Italian for ring. Fascinating contrasts and precious materials make this series particularly striking. The barrel consists of several segments made of ivory-coloured or black precious resin with fine, platinum-plated rings between them. Combining both colours with each other makes a strikingly beautiful pair, perfect for signing wedding certificates in a particularly classy way.

The new Classic Anello “Ivory“ writing implements illustrate how our writing culture can be enriched by some unusual nuances. Several segments of ivory-coloured precious resin, separated by fine platinum-plated rings, form the barrel and give this series its name: Anello is Italian for ring.

  • Solid, spring-loaded clip
  • Handmade 18-carat bicolour gold nib with iridium tip (6 nib widths)
  • Cartridge / converter system
  • Break-resistant 0.7 mm lead of hardness B
  • Replaceable white eraser
  • Solid wooden case

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