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Ambienti Collection “Desert” (Limited Edition)

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Aurora Ambienti Collection Desert

…A new sensory Experience, in touch with Emotion!
Aurora wants to discover Natural Environments through A Writing Dream,
Following the Mari d’Italia and Oceani, Aurora created a New Collection called “Ambienti”.
It’s not only a Limited Edition Pen but it’a a new Writing Experience.
The collection is a synesthesia of emotions that involves our senses:
sight, hearing, touch, smell but most of all the pleasure of writing.

The creation of this collection is the result of amazing research and in-depth attention for every detail of the production process. For each Ambienti, Aurora created exclusive essence in collaboration with the most antique Italian perfumery maison.
The scents are inspired by the places in the world that we want you to refeel.

Aurora carefully selected a textured and breathable paper, the most suitable for retaining the flagrance inside the box as long as possible.

Aurora have associated a different colour of the ink for each Ambienti.

Aurora Ambienti Collection
Aurora Ambienti Collection


Features of the Desert:
– Fountain pen with 18kt. solid NIB, rhodium treated
– Cap and barrel in orange Auroloide marbled
– Sterling silver trims
– Special engraving on sterling silver section trip
– Casting sterling silver ring
– Limited Edition, 580 pieces!
– The perfume inspired by the notes of the Jungle has been vaporized on the elegant paper booklet

Aurora Ambienti_Tropics
Aurora Ambienti_Tropics
Aurora Ambienti_Desert
Aurora Ambienti_Desert
Aurora Ambienti_Desert
Aurora Ambienti_Desert
Aurora Ambienti Collection
Aurora Ambienti Collection

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